Tuesday, November 19th: Concert with Ensemble Pluma in ‘Nicolai’, Kolding. Program consists of, a.o., Frederik Zeuthen, Mads Schang, Mozart and Tjajkovskij.


Tuesday, October 8th: Concert with Ensemble Pluma in Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset Aarhus. Program consists of, a.o. Mozart, Sibelius and Stravinskij.


Monday, June 17th: Premiere of new concert-piece ‘Fald’ for electric guitar, percussion and voice in Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset Aarhus. Performed by Niels Bach Storgaard and Alexander Long Krogh. More info: http://www.musikkons.dk/index.php?id=256&date=2019-06-17


Friday, May 10th: Workshop-concert with Esbjerg Ensemble, premiering my piece ‘Råb’.

Wednesday, May 1st: Labour-day concert in Skt. Lukas Kirke with Ensemble Pluma. Event


Monday, April 8th: Concert with MGKor (classical choir of MGK-Østjylland) in Skt. Lukas Kirke. Event


Saturday, March 30th: Concert with Ensemble Pluma at the RAMA festival in Symphonic Hall, Musikhuset Aarhus. Event

Monday, March 18th: Premiere of the music-theater play ‘Den Moderne Ælling by Kristine Mågård, featuring 4 songs written by me. Event

Friday, March 8th: Concert with Ensemble Pluma at the Panorama Festival. Premiere of my two new pieces ‘Præludium’ and ‘Postludium. Event



Monday, December 3rd: Concert with Ensemble Pluma at Musikhuset Aarhus, Lille Sal, 19.30. Free entry.


Friday, November 30th: Concert with Ensemble Pluma in Skt. Lukas Kirke, Aarhus. I will be conducting romantic pieces and we will premiere my new work ‘DANS(!)’. Free entry.


Saturday, September 29th: AUT presents ‘Complex Simplicity’ – music for percussion, trombones and electronics. Premiere of my second version of ‘FAML’, for tenor- and bass trombone along with the original, solo version.

Thursday, September 20th: Premiere of my piece ‘FEEL’ written for ‘Det Klassiske Kollektiv’ in  Copenhagen at The Royal Academy of Music.